Family Activities for a Virginia Beach Vacation

Finding a suitable family vacation spot that can hold the interest of the kids while giving the parents a chance to rest and relax can be challenging. Virginia Beach offers a bevy of activities to keep children busy while their parents either can join in the fun or watch them from nearby. There are a number of Virginia Beach waterfront hotels that welcome children, which helps to make it a family-friendly resort area. There are a number of family activities that visitors can enjoy during their stay.

Boogie Boarding Simpler to learn than surfing and more exciting than floating on a raft, boogie boards are a popular means of frolicking in the water in Virginia Beach. Boogie boards float well and are fun for children of all ages. Where swimming is available on the public beaches, boogie boarding is also permitted. Many local shops sell or rent boogie boards. This makes it convenient for those who will only be in town for a day or two and have little use for boogie boards at home to try their hand at the popular water sport.

Boating Chartering a boat for the day or taking an excursion on one of the many pleasure cruises is a popular activity for families on Virginia Beach vacations. The possibilities for local boating trips include whale and dolphin watching, sightseeing, luncheon parties, deep sea fishing and parasailing.

Fishing There are several fishing piers in Virginia Beach. They offer a fun opportunity for kids to learn how to fish. Surf fishing is also allowed in designated areas. A unique experience, it is a chance for kids to see the ocean current at work up close while Mom or Dad sit nearby in a chair on the beach. Depending on the catch, it could be an opportunity for a hand-made supper, as well.

Miniature Golf One family activity synonymous with Virginia Beach vacations is miniature golf. There are a handful of pint-size courses where children can learn the basics of shooting the colored ball through obstacles on little putting greens. This is something that the youngest to the oldest family member will enjoy. It takes little skill to play and is fairly inexpensive.

Museums It seems like its not a real vacation unless there is at least one cloudy day. What to do? There are a number of museums in Virginia Beach to visit, including the Virginia Marine Science Museum and the Virginia Life Saving Museum. From sting rays to lighthouse lore, the area museums will slip a little bit of local history and science into a vacation without the kids realizing they are learning.

Family Business And Conflicts

What’s a Family Business?

A family business is basically any business in which the majority of the possession or control lies among a family. Involvement of members of family in a very business can bring with it its own complexities because the road between the business system is generally separated by a skinny line from the family system. Sometimes these 2 positions overlap causing all types of conflicts.

Families involve emotion with includes relationships that carry with it loyalties and natural love whereas a business system is unemotional and coldly designed to extract the highest cash in on that venture.

Styles that are necessary during a family scenario could not always suit the business situation. Membership of a family is by birth whereas membership of a business ought to be by investment and performance.

Families deal with family matters in a very bound method that entails the pinnacle of the family creating decisions either alone or in consultation with another senior member of the family. The business but, has its own systems and methods of communication plus designs involving the resolution of conflicts and finalizing decisions.

Conflict between Business System and Family System

Conflicts arise in family business when the roles of 1 system intrude into the roles of the opposite and because every member of the family is basically involved in an exceedingly dual system issues arise. The overlap of those 2 systems become very apparent when there are conflicts in interest arising between the family members and also the business.

Most families regard the issues as being paramount in all cases however a prudent business owner will guarantee that family issues and business issues are properly balanced thus as to achieve the utmost satisfaction for each systems and individuals involved. Too usually the emotional bonds of family tend to short cut processes that are designed to make sure the safety of the business and to maximise its success.

For instance, family members are place into positions of power where they are doing not have expertise or knowledge merely as a result of they are family members. If they came through the normal interview and selection process they would not get that position. This is clearly a case where family considerations breach the traditional standards of how businesses should be run so as to achieve most profitability.

Specific Issues in the Family Business

A business is difficult enough to manage at the best of times. A family business but brings with it its own issues and problems and these need to be clear before anyone gets involved in an exceedingly family business whether that person is part of the family or an outsider. A family business is subject to the identical issues that beset every other business except they sometimes take on an further one or two, merely because relatives are involved.

A number of the problems that most businesses have to face include the following:

? Leadership. Who is the leader in the business that makes the ultimate decision and the way can it appear for the business to move onto the subsequent generation.

? Family Harmony. What desires to be done to make sure that there’s harmony within the family.

? Successors. Who will be chosen to succeed and run the family business when the current manager retires or dies? Any family member who is given the responsibility of managing the family business must guarantee that sound business and management practices are carried out.

? Engagement. Who should participate in the family business and below what conditions?

? Passing over the Business. What needs to be done to allow the entrepreneur to leave out the business to a higher family member?

? Non-family people. How are non-family executives and managers to be attracted and retained and what powers do they need to form selections that may go against the needs of family members in the business.

? Compensation. Ought to members of the family be acquired work that they’re not qualified in? And ought to their salaries be at the identical level as non-members of the family with greater expertise and information during a explicit space?

? Defend Finances. Several relatives regard the company as their own personal bank and as an area where they will do no matter they wish. The prudent family ‘boss’ needs to form choices, however unpopular he becomes with members of the family, that can ensure the ongoing protection and money health of the business.

All the problems higher than have to be assessed during a family business state of affairs because the potential for business conflict and family stress can be very high. The means to diffuse conflict and eliminate stress involves identifying the problems inflicting the conflicts and stress and then discussing these problems with all the family members involved.

Build Your Family A Real Castle To Live In

Castles have always been historically attributed to the monarchy that ruled a specific area. They were from their inception an expression of wealth and power. In modern times they are not instantly associated with monarchs but still do hold a similar type of admiration. In fact, people the world over still glorify the beauty and stateliness that may be found with a well built castle. If you would like to create your own castle there are a few things you will need to do to make this dream a reality.

Required Tools and Materials


Heavy machinery


Stone cutters






1)Before you can proceed you will need to obtain the required paper work. To do this you will need to contact your local government or state building agency to find out what the exact requirements are. These will normally vary by state. In general you will be expected to meet safety standards, get environmental clearances and so forth. Do not start to construct your castle until you have acquired the essential documentation and permits. Continuing without proper clearance may lead to fines and certain penalties, which could include the destruction of the newly erected structure.

2)You will need to figure out how much you will be spending on the castle. This amount will best be calculated by the professionals including the engineer and contractors. Essentially you will receive a breakdown of the amount of material you will need to finish the structure. You should always make allowances for additional material. It is not abnormal for the pre-determined amount to surpass expectation.

3)You should choose a site that has a large acreage of land and good vegetation. The most ideal place for a castle is consequently the countryside. The more attractive the area the more gorgeous the castle. This basically means the castle will appear even more inviting and prominent amidst lush fields and meadows. However, you should still choose a location that is close enough to present day conveniences.

4)You will need to make a moat. No castle could be complete without this notable feature. Once you have dug the moat combine the cement, gravel and sand to form concrete and place around the edges to hold its completed structure in place. You can add fish and stones to your moat to make it more visually interesting.

5)You can start to construct your castle by making a solid foundation. A large cement mixer can be employed to lay down the concrete at the base of the structure. If you would like a courtyard place a bit of dirt in an appropriate area, preferably in the middle of the foundation.

6)Following the blueprints, the stones can be arranged using mortar or cement to secure them. The stones you opt to use should be very large and uneven. Once the stone walls are done you can install the doors, guard towers, windows and so on. Your castle is now ready for use.

Tips and Warnings

1)Look at castle designs from many different locations. You can adopt specific features and create a look that encompasses many stylistic aspects. There are older modeled castles that used only holes for doors and windows, however if you would like the additional privacy that windows will provide then indicate this in your plan.

2)You should determine where you will install the water and electrical conveniences before proceeding. When the castle is completed the wiring can be installed. Be sure to check that the wiring is working properly before you start using the electricity in the castle. It is best that you employ a professional to perform the installation of all electrical wires.

3)Get the best materials available to increase the longevity of your castle. Employ the best people to help you build your dream home as this will save you money in the long term.

Camping Family Fun

Camping has always been a favorite of families for fun and get together. Times have changed and teenagers go not like camping anymore, there are no computers and internet signals in the woods and sometimes they even lose their cell communication. Modern camp grounds are not like this, of course you need to roughen it up a bit to enjoy camping, but this does not mean you have to be totally isolated from the world.

Summer camping with all the family is a great opportunity to bond and have fun. Even teenagers will go for it if you chose the camp carefully and make sure that they have wireless computer access and that they are within cell phone communication too. This does not mean that the kids will spend the day hooked up to the computers or phones all day. It means that they can feel safe and comfortable because they can still communicate even though they wont be doing it all the time.

It is important that you and your kinds define and set the communication with the outside times so you do not have any confusion later. The idea of the trip is to share with each other outdoor activities and not to go somewhere else to use the phone and computer. Schedules for this must be set and respected, if they are not the trip will end up in failure. Family activities should be agreed upon by all those involved. Canoe rides and swimming or hiking, horseback riding, any activity that involves the whole family must be agreed upon by everybody.

The children will not have fun if they are forced to do something they dont want. Get everybody involved in the planning and preparing of meals, everyone should also have chores to do, collect wood or wash the dishes. Get the family together for at least one hour at night around the campfire and talk to your children, listen to them talk about their friends or what they do or want to do. It may seem stupid to you or worthless to you as an adult, but their worries and problems are very real for them and they need solutions for these problems.

Forget about work and school and all the problems you have at home during thee few days. Concentrate on sharing as much time as possible with your wife and children. Make it a point to have individual activities with each one alone too. This will help you get closer and learn more about each other in a one to one conversation away from the normal environment of home pressure.

Talking and having family fun with teenagers is not easy. You must have patience and you must have a canny instinct to know and feel when it is time to approach them and when not to. Taking them out of their environment for a couple of days is good because they will be relieved of their everyday pressures and stress much in the same way you will also be relieved of these. It will be easier for both of you to communicate and talk about irrelevant stuff. Be patient and follow your instincts, this can be a great bonding experience that will stay with them forever.

A family camping trip is always a way to bring the family closer and to enjoy nature together. Take advantage of the time together and get to know your children better.

Family How to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Family: How to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Are you a mother who is also a career-oriented woman? If you are, you may have number of different issues tugging at your heart. In today’s society, many mothers are fearful of putting their family first, especially in certain circumstances, in fear of losing their jobs. With that in mind, there are many mothers who are fearful that their children will grow up resenting them due to the amount of time they spent focused on work.

While being a mother and a career-oriented woman, all at the same time, may seem like an impossible task, it is a task that you can more than perform. What you need to remember, although difficult as it may be, is that you should be a mom first. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just toss your workload to the side and not care. There are a number of different ways that you can go about being a good parent, while still brining home an income. One of those ways involves spending quality time with your child or children when you are not working.

One of the best ways for you to go about spending quality time with your child or children is by creating a schedule for yourself. This schedule can be used to outline any important events that you and your child or children have planned. Although your schedule does not need to be followed right down to the letter, it is important to have one. Mothers who create schedules for themselves are more likely to follow through with their plans.

Speaking of your plans, you may be wondering what you should do to spend quality time with your child or children. Of course, it is important to keep your child’s age in mind. A child who is three years old will prefer different activities than one who is nine or ten years old. With that in mind, there are a number of different activities that many children, including those of all ages, love. A few of those activities are outlined below for your convenience.

One activity that you may want to think about doing with your child or children is taking them to the zoo. Regardless of where you live, you should have a zoo within a reasonable driving distance to your home. Zoo trips are fun and exciting, as they often last all day. What is nice about zoo trips is that they are fun and educational all at the same time. This means that your quality time can benefit your child or children in more ways than one.

Another activity that you may want to think about doing is taking your child or children to the movies. Whether your child is three years old or fifteen years old, there should be a movie playing that would likely interest them. Going to the movies is nice, as many children view it as a treat. For more affordable movie tickets, you may want to think about going to see a movie with your family during the daytime.

Additional activities that many children enjoy are those of park visits, museum visits, and sporting events. In all honestly, it really doesn’t matter what you do. To your child or children, how matter what their age, they will likely just appreciate the fact that you took some time away from work to have fun with them, no matter what the activity.

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Participating In Family Law Reform Through The Elkins Report Referendum

Have you ever heard of a local rule of court that required you as an attorney to present your case entirely by declarations at time of trial including establishing the admissibility of all the exhibits which you wish to have entered into evidence? How difficult and more time consuming is that than presenting oral evidence?

How difficult for an attorney? How much more difficult for a husband representing himself in a dissolution case while wife is represented by counsel? This was the local rule in Contra Costa County.

Now comes Mr. Elkins who is self-represented. His pretrial declaration fails to establish the evidentiary foundation for all but 2 of his 36 exhibits. Because he didnt lay a proper foundation as he was required to do in his declarations, 34 of his exhibits are excluded. So guess who had the marital property divided the way that spouse wanted it? Mr. Elkins was substantially deprived of his right to be heard by the local rule in Contra Costa County. So Mr. Elkins appealed and his case went up to the California Supreme Court.

In 2007, the California Supreme Court in the case called Elkins v. Superior Court (2007) 41 Cal 45h 1337, found that the local rule conflicted with existing statutory law and deprived litigants of meaningful access to the courts, and that marital dissolution trials should proceed under the same general rules of procedure that govern other civil trials.

The California Supreme Court also recognized that family courts, among the busiest in the state are underresourced , have few bench officers per the number of litigants per capita than in other areas of the legal system and that the ever growing number of self-represented litigants is presenting what was termed unique challenges to the courts ability to provide meaningful access to justice.

The Supreme court emphasized that if trial courts do not have adequate resources for family law cases, they should seek additional resources instead of putting efficiency ahead of fairness. The court noted that in trying to streamline the litigation process in family law, litigants should not be subjected to second-class status or deprived of access to justice. In other words, the Supremes held that family law litigants should have the same due process protections of adversary trials concluding using the established rules of evidence as litigants in other types of civil cases.

Main advantage of divorce peacemakers are, they allows couples to share mutual information to be shared among the professionals and clients alike and also they allows for questions to be asked and answers to be given from both side. It keeps litigation and the financial and emotional wastefulness associated with litigation at abeyance.

Mediated divorce is an great court room alternative to traditional litigation and also it is faster and less expensive than retaining litigation attorneys helps you in this process of beginning your life again after divorce.

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Researching Personal Injury and Family Law in St. Petersburg

If you are going through a divorce, or possibly you have had an injury lately as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should look into personal injury and family law in St. Petersburg. Several Americans do not know a lot about the court system. They are not familiar with the overall structure of how the law works. It can actually be quite confusing at times, and this is why it is so important to do your research about personal injury and family law before you hire an attorney. There are several different things that you will want to look for before you hire a lawyer.

You will want to be sure that they have been successful in cases pertaining to personal injury and family law in St. Petersburg. Anytime that you have family involved in a law suit it can become very difficult for both sides. It is always nice to know that you have a support system behind you. One of the best supporters will be your lawyer. This means that you will want to be sure that you feel comfortable with them. You may have to go in and personally meet him or her before you can decide if you would like to work with them. This may seem tedious but it is an important step to take.

When you meet with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and family law in St. Petersburg you will want to be sure that you make a list of questions that you would like to ask them before hand. This could include anything from how much they charge to how much experience they have in a specific area. It is important to remember that anything you spend on an attorney will certainly pay off in the end. This is why it is so important to ensure that you are getting the most experienced lawyer possible for the best price. To find an attorney that specializes in personal injury and family law it is important that you are willing to do a bit of research about him or her. You can find this information out in a variety of different ways. For example, you can look online for reviews about a certain lawyer, or you can visit their website. On the lawyer’s website it should tell you what they specialize in, and how much experience they have in the field of law.

You can also find a lawyer that has experience in personal injury and family law in St. Petersburg by talking to friends and neighbors about their experiences with various lawyers in your area. For example, if you know a friend that has been divorced then you could ask him or her which attorney they hired and their experiences with him or her. Once you find the best attorney for you, it is important that you sit down and meet with them face to face. You will want to ask them any questions that you may have about the legal system.

personal injury and family law St. Petersburg

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Oc Family Law Firms – Allow You To Thrive Regardless Of Whether You Seek A Negotiated Or Litigated Resolution

Divorce is complicated in fact it is not easy to understand. Many people are not familiar with the court proceedings. So, a person has to look at help of experienced Orange County divorce firms to obtain complete information on the case. Consequently, it’s important to call an expert legal agency. It enables to call the attorneys focused on family law. This increases it is likely that receiving accurate solutions. Many agencies offer free consultation lawyer to those.

An individual may consult to reliable Oc divorce firms and acquire the answers with a particular lawsuit. The consultation helps to explore the best possible course of action in safeguarding the rights. A family lawyer is capable of doing handling the different cases for example divorce, custody of the children, your sons or daughters, alimony and much more. People can pick the expert assistance when controlling any this particular case. There exists a greater possibility of obtaining the viable solution.

Your choice of applying for divorce is not easy. This decision may have a bad influence on lifespan of family and couples. There are a lot of emotional sentiments attached on this decision making process. Experienced Orange County family law firms likely will make process less tedious. The professional will strive tough to complete the process as soon as possible. Many attorneys want for out of court settlement. However, this can be done only the parties concur with a mutual settlement. If it fails, the lawyer is prepared for that court proceedings and represent for the consumer. With aggressive representation and legal document, the customer can expect to get the specified verdict. The familiarity with the court proceedings helps to prepare the legal paperwork within an appropriate manner.

In order to seek accurate facts about spousal support, it really is important to give a call or consult the solicitors. Oc alimony attorney will guide around the entire procedure towards the spouse. Basically, it’s the financial support received by one to meet the requirements as soon as the divorce. The quantity is dependent upon taking the several factors into consideration. For example the whole income earned both by the parties plus the standard of living. The best lawyer provides the proper assistance post divorce period. The key purpose of the professional Oc divorce firms are to guarantee a peaceful life after you have separated from your partner, along with the right lawyer, it can help to get the life back to normal.

Child custody is yet another crucial the main divorce. This is required to be handled with extra care because it is associated with not able to children. Oc family law firms are a wonderful means to fix explain the standards from the infant custody. They can assist in getting familiar with the sole legal and sole physical custody. You are assured of receiving accurate details on the differing types of child custody. Make apt range of family lawyer in Orange County for the legal solution.

Top Reasons Not To Hire A Family Law Lawyer

Youve taken the leave your spouse high-dive and are floundering amid an emotional hurricane to protect your rights, your childrens rights and your assets.

Should you hire a family law lawyer?

That depends.

First do the math.

What is the total net worth of your joint assets?

Many people have little to no equity in their homes, no investments, and large credit debt. Since the number one major cause of divorce stems from finances, debt will often be the primary driver of relationship failure.

According to Statistics Canada a typical divorce in Canada costs:

Uncontested- $550 to $1600
Contested- $2600- $18,5000
Separation Agreement $550-2500
Child Custody and Support- $1490 – $13,900

Keep in mind each spouse would pay the above fees to their own counsel while trying to support two households with the same income formerly used to support one. Also, be sure to add the applicable fees together. For example; separation agreement $ + child custody $ + contested divorce $= X. Then multiply the number by two parties.

The impact can be debilitating. Most cases that see trial will end up costing both parties a total of $40,000 or more. Ive known many cases that settled just prior to trial and ended up costing $18,000 per side.

Most consumers have debt near the maximum acceptable 40% total debt service ratio.

To calculate your debt service ratio, your monthly payments should not exceed 40% of your total gross income including mortgage, property taxes, credit cards, loans and lines-of credit. Now that you are supporting your own household, how much is your new debt service ratio?

Look at a simple balance sheet. After you pay legal fees, how much money will be left? Will you end up financing your settlement on credit cards?

If you take emotions out of the equation and just look at the simple math, you may want to consider pushing for a professional mediator.

A mediators hourly rate is exponentially less than a lawyers and typically a divorce involving a retirement plan, a house and children will take 4-6 hours of mediation.

Mediation only works when both parties are reasonable.

If your former spouse is highly unreasonable, abusive, or a narcissist, you should make the decision knowing fully their primary motivation may be not to settle, but revenge. This type of personality sets out to do as much damage as possible to their ex-partner with the goal of robbing them of any potential joy and trying to maintain a sense of power and control.

In these cases, you may end up spending $25,000 to protect $5,000 in assets.

The bottom line? Look at the marriage. So goes the marriage, so goes the divorce.

Many people believe the law will protect their children and their assets. The reality is that no family court judge can force a person to behave. If a former spouse wants to hide money, avoid support payments, and recklessly destroy joint credit ratings, they can.

Even a court order to protect assets is not worth the paper it’s written on if you are dealing with a vendictive person.

How your spouse behaved when they loved you is the barometer of how they will behave when you decide to leave them. If they were abusive, irresponsible, or spiteful, it will only escalate. Prepare for a tidal wave of mean tactics.

If you were married to a kind, loving person who had positive relationships with friends and family members, you will likely experience a more reasonable and fair divorce.

With a 50% divorce rate, those who have not yet committed to a marriage should seriously consider a prenuptial agreement. In the end, a contract will be exponentially cheaper than the cost of divorce.

Some may argue that a prenup undermines the trust in a relationship. Most experts would agree that

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How to Pray – The Top 3 Powerful Ways to Pray for Your Family With Meaning

We live so near to our family members, and we live a great deal of our lives with our families. As such, we frequently find ourselves praying for them. Before we begin, I would like to note that it’s correct that there is no -right- method to pray for your household. Actually, if you are speaking about them in prayer by any means, it is honoring to them and God is gratified.

Having said that, there are several principles that, when followed, may bring those prayers to a new level- generating much deeper, meaningful dialogue between you and God regarding your spouse and children. Here they are:

#1: Use Scripture in Your Prayers

The 1st top way to pray for family is to try using scripture with your prayers. No matter what the issue is, you will find scripture that talks to that matter. As an example, if your family member is struggling with a dependency, you will find a section of scripture that encourages us in times of temptation. For instance, in the book of 1 Corinthians (1 Corinthians 10:13), scripture says – -No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind; and God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.-

In speaking this verse in your prayer, you’ll -remind- God of what He promises in scripture as proof that He will deliver your relative from that addiction. Of course, we don’t really -remind- God of anything- nevertheless the exercise helps emphasize God’s promises and the opportunity to see His faithfulness in delivering the assurances of His Word.

#2: Avoid Being Selfish

The 2nd main principle is often very difficult to implement! It is very easy for us to pray for family members (and others, in general) to take action in manners and do things that support what we actually want for us! -Lord, help my wife understand that we just don’t have the funds for new furniture right now- or–God, help my little girl to score the most soccer goals on the team today–

While these can be respectable requests and certainly have their own merits, they have a component of what WE prefer to take place beyond what exactly is suitable for our family members. Just how can we easily parse out the difference?

The key to centering your focus on what may be more relevant prayer is this- Ask yourself if you are praying to help promote spiritual growth. Specifically, you will want to ask God to reveal to you how this concern improves your family member’s spiritual growth. Also, we might need to ask God to show to us what He wants us to see about our own spiritual growth!

For perspective, our prayer above for the furniture might change into the following: -Lord, thanks for providing my wife to consider the comforts in our home. While I do not wish to commit our money on furniture at the moment, help me to appreciate how this purchase might serve You. Perhaps not having this furniture is a barrier to sharing our house right now. Moreover, please divulge to me any selfishness inside my heart with this purchase, as well as opportunities to serve by buying it. Am I actually resistant because I’d rather spend our money on a brand new TV or am I unwilling to scale back in my own spending to compromise for her. Help me understand the rewards you have waiting for us should we buy this furniture.-

Our prayer for our daughter could become this as an alternative: -God, thanks for the athletic ability You have given my daughter. She amazes me with all she is capable of while using gifts you have provided her. However, I understand that she was ultimately made by You to glorify Your Name. If it is Your will, I pray You help her succeed mightily on the soccer field today by scoring goals. In the end, however, I pray that on this stage, she finds methods to glorify Your name, whether by her athletic triumphs or her attitude in the game.-

#3: Pray Out-Loud, With Your Family Member

A 3rd approach to enhance prayers for family is to pray WITH your family member! Admittedly, this is not the common way we pray. In addition, prayers for intercession usually are between God and us. More typically, we tell our family members we will pray for them or we are praying for them to encourage them in their struggles. Our exact dialogue with God about them remains private.

That being said, imagine if your loved one had the ability to hear you implore God for their comfort, or their desires to become a reality, or their struggles to be over- if they could listen to how profound your personal emotion is on their behalf!

Once more, it is not always the right approach for family members to know the words you are praying about them. Nonetheless, there may be opportunities to more deeply move or encourage your family member in their time of need when they can audibly perceive the degree of your own investment in their success or relief.

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