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Divorce Attorney Provo UT Divorce Attorney Provo UThas years of legal experience and has the reputation for her high talent legal skills, professionalism and friendly manner. Their entire law firm has adopted these vital characteristics and strives to provide their clients with the results and service not often found at other firms these days. They divorce lawyers work hard to maximize father’s roles in their children’s lives while maximizing their financial means to do so. Featuring a complete understanding of Utah divorce law, their Provo family law attorneys focus entirely on Provo divorce issues, including Utah child custody laws, Utah alimony laws, and child support in Utah.Divorce Attorney Provo UTdivorce lawyers and family law attorneys focus on domestic relations solely, including divorce in Alabama. Their divorce attorneys are licensed to practice law throughout the state.Family law matters can be difficult on all parties involved. They will work with us to provide professional service to us and our family during this difficult time. They are committed to providing us the best service possible. To schedule an appointment with Divorce Attorney Provo UTthe numbers will be listed to the right to their local office. They are the family law firm focused on divorce for men, child support, child custody, and all other family law practice areas. In many cases the men’s choose this firm because of their dedication to smoothing the playing field for men in family law cases. Since the years Divorce Attorney Provo UT has become the nation’s largest domestic litigation firm representing the people. Their divorce attorneys are dedicated in providing us the best quality of service in family law. Their divorce attorneys focus on men’s divorce and father’s right. Their family lawyers continue their education in family law, with men’s divorce and child custody being the focus. They want to make it easier for us and our children. Divorce Attorney Provo UTdivorce lawyers learn from each other’s case practices, providing a cutting-edge legal practice to us. The Divorce Attorney Provo UT is a family law firm with offices across the nation. They especially focus onfathers’ rights, dad’s rights and family law.The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based exclusively upon commercials. If we are considering filing for a divorce, it is essential that we understand our legal rights. The period leading up to divorce can be stressful and emotional. Let a divorce attorney handle the legal preparation while focus on our personal needs and next steps. If we need a criminal attorney or a lawyer, give Divorce Attorney Provo UTa ring. Located in Utah County, they are dedicated in providing their clients legal representation that is top quality while also affordable. The Attorney at Law has established himself as a leader in family and criminal law, helping clients with legal issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, DUIs, weapons ownership, drug charges, and estate planning.Click Here

How To Choose The Best Dog For Your Family

If you’re considering bringing a dog into your family, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the number of dogs out there to choose from. Whether you choose to buy a puppy or adopt a dog from a rescue, it’s important that you know how to choose the right dog for your family. Here are some important things to consider when looking for a dog.

Large or Small Breed
Small dogs are usually the best choice for people who live in an apartment and don’t have a lot of space to exercise their dogs. Many apartments will only allow dogs up to a certain weight, so check with your landlord before buying any dog. Small dogs also tend to live longer than large dogs, and they are much less expensive to care for. Large dogs, on the other hand, are often better for active owners or families with children, since they are sturdier and can handle a bit more roughhousing than a 6-pound Yorkie.

Breed Requirements
Every dog is an individual, but there are certain characteristics that are very common in certain breeds. Sporting dogs like labrador retrievers, for example, are usually quite active and require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Dog obedience training in Southwest Florida can help you rein in this energy, but be prepared to commit a lot of time to training and exercising these types of dogs. You should also ask your insurance company about any breed restrictions they may have, since many insurance companies (and landlords) will not permit dogs like rottweilers, pit bulls, and Doberman pinschers.

Grooming Needs
If you find a breed you like, do your research and see what grooming they require. Some short-coated dogs require little more than the occasional bath and nail trim. Others require extensive grooming and trimming on a monthly or even weekly basis. If grooming sounds like a hassle and you don’t want to pay someone else to do it, stick with a low-maintenance dog.

Hypoallergenic Dogs
Many people are allergic to pet fur and dander, but some dogs cause a more drastic reaction than others. While no dog is completely allergen-free, some do shed less than others, so your house will tend to stay cleaner. Despite what you may think, it has nothing to do with the length of the dog’s hair; some short-haired dogs shed year-round! Look for dogs with a single coat instead of a double coat of fur. Some of the top hypoallergenic dog breeds are poodles, bichon frises, and Yorkshire terriers.

Picking Out Your Dog
If possible, spend some time visiting with your prospective dog before buying him. Look for a dog who is friendly and curious with all members of your family. If you have children, make sure the dog doesn’t seem scared of them. You should also use this time to examine the dog’s health. Make sure his coat, eyes, and ears are clean, and listen for any signs of coughing.

Adopting an Adult Dog
Many people choose to adopt an adult dog instead of buying a puppy. Adopted dogs can become extremely loyal members of the family, and many of them have already learned basic manners, so they can be easier for a first-time dog owner. However, some adopted dogs come with behavioral issues that can cause problems in their new home. They might have accidents indoors, pull on the leash, or be frightened of new situations. Dog obedience training in Southwest Florida is the best way to help your new dog learn to adjust to your home. Your trainer can work with you one-on-one in your home to address any questions you may have, so you won’t have to feel like you have to solve the problem all by yourself.

Finding the right Gulf Shores Alabama Beach House Rentals can make all the difference in a family’s

If you are even now not convinced, contact the spot Chamber of Commerce. They will be in a position to give you accurate information about the overall region. When you check in with them, consult about rental condos or homes in the region.

You will need to be capable to come across an cost-effective family vacation condo or property in the space. This can genuinely be a gain to your total getaway. Simply because you won’t be shelling out as very much on your place, you can invest more on other factors of your family vacation. Experiencing some of the very best the location has to offer you.ou.

Conserving money on lodging can suggest a lot more stress-free spa treatment plans. Glimpse for spas in the location and check out their availability approximately the time you are pondering of booking your getaway. Despite the fact that this location can be a hidden gem for vacationers, companies like spas nonetheless have very a subsequent. You don’t want to miss out on the enjoyable massages and facials.

One of the very best elements to do when preparation your vacation to the Gulf Shores is to coincide your stay with the area’s Annual Shrimp Festival. This annual fest has been heading on for decades and is a favorite attraction for foodies and sightseers alike. Glimpse for details about this year’s festival and see if you can swing a vacation to the area that weekend.

Along the seashores of the Gulf Shores, there is plenty that you and your family can do if not every person is interested in spa therapies. Check out the area’s amenities. There is plenty of relatives fashion amusement and dining. From the close by Ferris wheel to nearby miniature golf establishments. There is a little something to maintain anyone entertained.

For example, you could be able to strategy a fishing trip while you’re there. If you aren’t into spas, loved ones enjoyment or festivals, fishing could possibly just be the factor to do through your trip to the place. There are a great deal of fishing tours that you can approach to take portion in and you won’t be sorry. See if you can catch anything greater than the 95.two pound snapper that was caught in the Gulf Shores waters lately.

Whatever you are hunting for in a getaway, Gulf Shores is certain to be the fantastic put to obtain it. From stress-free to dining to fishing and every little thing in involving, you can find an affordable vacation that supplies anything for anyone.

Regardless of whether you are escaping the metropolis for a romantic getaway with your spouse, taking a spouse and children vacation, or spending a week partying with your buddies, there are an infinite volume of sights to get pleasure from when you stay in a Gulf shores seashore rental, together with the seaside alone.&nbsp You can commit your days sunbathing and napping on the beach or you can hit the water for some kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, browsing, scuba diving or snorkeling.&nbsp


When most people assume of snorkeling, they almost certainly envision the turquoise waters and tropical fish of the Caribbean. However, the Gulf Coast in Alabama provides exceptional snorkeling as well.&nbsp One particular of the most well-acknowledged snorkeling/scuba diving outlets in the location is the Down Underneath Dive Shop.&nbsp The dive store rents out a mask and snorkel for only about $ten.&nbsp The shop even offers snorkeling trips at close to $35 per individual.&nbsp When snorkeling in the place, just enjoy out for the jellyfish that are abundant in the region.&nbsp They sting!

Randall Graves is a travelling fanatic and spends his days evenly in between the sun and sand. He enjoys soothing by the ocean while looking at a very good guide or composing his most current website post.

Locating the right Gulf Shores Alabama Beach House Rentals can make all the importance in a family’s entire vacation., Gulf Shores for Your Upcoming Getaway

It’s Going to Do When Vacationing Together prospective in-laws

Vacation becomes fun when done with a partner. But what if the candidate is traveling with his family including in-laws? Some women feel awkward when you first go on vacation with the family lover especially towards parents. Here are tips to do while on vacation with my future in-laws as suggested by the consultant Deanna Brann, Ph. D as reported by the Huffington Post.

1. Not Impose Desire
Objective go on vacation you really want to relieve stress. But when I went with the prospective in-laws should not do things that are too personal. Avoid forcing yourself to invite family partner to follow your wishes. Remember, you’re trying to be familiar with his family, especially his mother. Should follow the vacation plans of couples and families, if you have a particular idea is okay diluapkan but do not force them to follow your wishes.

2. Trying Involved In All Things
Try involved with everything that is being conducted prospective mother-in-law. But you need to look at the situation if you can get involved or not. For example, during the holidays, mother’s partner was busy preparing a meal, you can help to quickly finish.

Ask also to the mother of the couple what more could you help. Similarly, when going shopping for souvenirs, you can ask for advice to the mother lover. Communications were kept stranded for the holidays can have a positive effect in the future.

3. Do not Be Afraid to Storytelling
While I was gathering with the family he does not mean you have to be stiff and just being a listener. Do not be afraid to share stories with family couples. Try to build a topic that can be understood not only by you and your partner but also his family. You can also slip a little bit of humor to build atmosphere.

4. Stay So Yourself
Although the prospective in-laws want to take heart, you should not change your personality because it gets tiring. Keep being yourself just need to control your ego sense. If there is something undesirable or intimidating on the go, do not be shy to express them so that they are able to keep your feelings. Do not pretend just to be the best.

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What Constitutes family Law

Family law. It’s a term you may have heard thrown around in the past, one associated primarily with divorce in the minds of the masses. The term encompasses a number of issues surrounding marriage and divorce, however, all of which have legal ramifications that have the potential to adversely affect your future. These issues, which range from child custody and child support to spousal maintenance, annulment and more, shine a light on the importance of having an experienced divorce lawyer as your advocate. The Arizona law firm of McGuire Gardner, P.L.L.C. can make certain your rights are protected, and work toward the fair and equitable outcome you desire in your family law case.

An experienced and qualified family law attorney can and will educate you as to applicable law in cases involving:

* Divorce
* Legal separation
* Annulment
* Child support
* Child custody
* Alimony
* Spousal maintenance

* Adoption
* Parental rights
* Adoption
* Paternity cases
* Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

Should you be confronted with any of these issues, the first thing you should know is that the laws governing these issues are complex. You can’t be expected to know the law on your own, but you can depend on someone who does. Most family law firms will offer you a free initial consultation, which can be an invaluable resource in terms of gaining valuable information. A sit-down with an experienced attorney can bring a sense of order to what may seem like a chaotic situation. In the process you’ll gain valuable insight and begin the process of protecting your rights.

In Arizona, McGuire and Gardner, P.L.L.C. will schedule your free initial consultation immediately after you contact them by phone or by email, provide maps or driving directions to an office in your community, and assist you in scheduling a time to meet with an attorney at your convenience.

A divorce, particularly one that includes custody and financial issues, can make for one of life’s most stressful occurrences. The issues involved in family law cases carry with them a great deal of emotion for all parties involved. In such times, the worst possible option is going it alone. Put your case in the hands of an experienced family law attorney, and put yourself on a path toward the outcome you desire.

The Best Family Resorts In Hawaii

Travelling to Hawaii always has many families excited, the challenge comes in when kids are involved; below are a number of Hawaii Resorts that cater to families with kids. What’s even more interesting about these resorts is that they have kids clubs, and pools with waterpark features, and they’re grouped by islands with recommended outings.

Hanalei Colony Resort

On Kauai’s stunning North Coast: a quiet part of the island where the road literally ends; also in the area are a good snorkeling spot, laid-back town of Hanalei, surf lessons and swimming at Hanalei Bay. The Hanalei Colony Resort has extra-large suites and some units literally on the beach; excellent dining and spa on-site.

OAHU – Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is still a lovely place despite so much nearby concrete development, and it’s lots of fun for families. Generally, kids 18 and under stay free.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa

The most resort-like of the hotels on Waikiki Beach, with 22 acres, pools, kids’ club, fish ponds, flamingos, hula classes, spa, restaurants, shopping village.

Ohana Hotels and Outrigger Resorts

OHANA is a brand of Outrigger Resorts and Hotels that offers non-beachfront properties at a good price point. Both OHANA and Outrigger have family-friendly properties on several islands; most OHANA locations are near Waikiki, and the flagship Outrigger Reef is right on Waikiki Beach.

JW Marriott Ihilani

The JW Marriott Resort & Spa – on Oahu at Ko Olina, a short drive from the Honolulu airport– has kids program, teen program, Marine Life Program, and a bunch of Ocean Adventures. No charge for two kids 17 and under, in parents’ room.

Hawaii resorts – KAUAI

Kauai is the “Garden Isle”: expect verdant natural beauty, and slower pace; and – like everywhere in Hawaii– “ohana” means family, and pretty much every resort, from high-end to value-priced, welcomes families.

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay is a unique Hawaii resort, a lone property on the beautiful north coast of Oahu, with 880 acres, file miles of beach, five different bays, pool with waterfall and slide, on-site snorkeling, horseriding, surf lessons.

MAUI: Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Fun at this luxury Maui property includes kids camp and the Canyon Activity Pools, nine pools connected by a river that floats swimmers along.

Ka’anapali Beach Hotel

Value alert: this place aims to be “a moderately-priced first-class hotel”, and also “Maui’s most Hawaiian hotel.” The free kids’ “Aloha Passport” program of activities features local arts and crafts.

BIG ISLAND – Kohala Coast

If you feel like lapping up a little luxury, here’s a group of eight upscale Hawaii resorts – on the west side of the Big Island – that Conde Nast readers voted among the “Top Fifty Tropical Resorts Worldwide.”

Hilton Waikoloa Village

On the Kohala Coast, with 65 acres with pools galore, waterfalls, grottos, slides; salt-water lagoon with water-toys and snorkeling (sea turtles swim in); and a novelty kids love a monorail and canal-boats to get around the large grounds.

Kona Village

A luxury getaway on the Kohala Coast, with no phones or tv in your room. Stay in individual “hale” cottages spread over 82 acres; complimentary outrigger canoe and glass-bottom boat rides, kids program and teens program; snorkeling in the bay full of colorful fish.

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa – Big Island

On the south Kona coast of the Big Island, this Hawaii resort has a multi-level pool complex with connecting river, waterfall, children’s pool, lava tube waterslide.

Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy

This condominium property – on 13 acres on the east side of Kauai– has one- and two-bedroom units with private lanai, full kitchen, washer-dryer, etc. Swimming pool has lagoons and kids’ pool.

Comparison Shopping for Vancouver Family vacation Homes as well as Lodgings

Vancouver is a coastal city and the major seaport of British Columbia in Canada. This original city has it all from majestic mountains, to lush parks and panoramic beaches providing tourists with every outdoor activity you can possibly imagine.

Below you’ll find a list of activities and attractions, in addition to travel statistics on comparison shopping, vacation planning and themes, and some lodging selections.ns.

Vancouver offers a unique blend of big-city atmosphere and outdoor adventure. It’s the city where travelers can ski, sail and enjoy the vibrant night life that Vancouver has to offer. Majestic mountains, ocean and islands characterize Vancouver bringing tourists limitless recreation options. Read on to find out about the area’s biggest attractions.

Among the places to enjoy such outdoor activities as running, biking and rollerblading is Stanley Park. Nestled along the seawall, Stanley Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world and offers stunning ocean views. Vacationers who stay at a Vancouver lodging can also enjoy carriage rides, a rose garden and beautiful sunsets.

People staying at a Vancouver inn who want to learn about Vancouver’s past, should visit historic Gastown, the oldest part of the city. Cobblestone streets and brick buildings create a unique environment and invite tourists to dine in Gastown’s several restaurants and shop in charming specialty stores. Panoramic views of the North Shore mountains and Coastal Harbor are guaranteed.

A market research study produced by a very well known travel website discloses that 70 percent of the travelers trying to find lodging in Vancouver were interested in comparison shopping among Vancouver vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, inns, and hotels.

Forty-six percent of the vacationers planning their stay in Vancouver were early organizers who started their vacation preparing 2 or more months in advance from the travel date, 21 percent of the inquiries were sent 1 to 2 months in advance, and 32 percent were from last minute travelers inquiring within the last 30 days prior to the arriving to their lodging in Vancouver.

Vancouvers most popular vacation theme (besides the Olympics) is romance with 32 percent of the inquiries requesting accommodations for two, 24 percent were from families with children, 19 percent from groups of more than 4 adults, and 21 percent of the inquiries were from people traveling alone.

With the current state of the economy, comparison shopping plays an important role in consumers decisions.

As an example, beneath there are 2 outstanding deals to evaluate:

Vancouver BC Vacation Apartment: Perfect hotel alternative! Fully furnished deluxe apartments located in different areas of Vancouver. You can choose between unique one bedroom (two bathrooms!) Vancouver condo on two levels, two bedroom, two bathroom 1100sq Vancouver condo, spacious three bedroom 1100sq Vancouver – Burnaby or executive 1200sq Penthouse suite overlooking Vancouver ! All our Vancouver vacation apartments are very well located , very well appointed with lown aundry, fast speed/wireless internet and underground secured parking. For more info, pictures and a useful form to deal with the owner directly, please log into property ID#8598 at

Vancouver BC Hotel: English Bay, Stanley Park, Robson Street, Denman and Downtown are all close when you enjoy a first class stay in one of our six , exclusive ‘homes’ while in Vancouver for business or pleasure…short- or long-term. There are only two, grand suites per floor in this brick heritage building built in 1910 and refurbished completely in 1996. Ideal for the following type of guests who want everything except a cement tower:- Film or movie industry executives and talent;- Tourists or business travelers who want twice the value and space of a hotel–or bring the maid and key staff! For more info, pictures and a useful form to deal with the owner directly, please log into property ID#21741 at

Additionally, you should check:
– British Columbia lodgings
– Compare hotels and other lodgings
– Helpful Guide to Vancouver British Columbia Family vacation Condos & Hotels and Inns

We offerVancouver vacation rentals, other travel lodging inventory and comparison shopping tools.

Family Lawyer Of Los Angeles

Family Lawyer Of Los Angeles (Article)

An unsuccessful marriage culminating into a divorce after a series of depressing episodes is really a traumatizing event. Agonizing connubial wars and other complications might be the causes of the dissolution of a marriage but there might be serious other factors as well. Fraud, narcissism, involvement in illegal pursuits, beguiling the other partner, extra marital affairs and many other reasons might be few of the other others which might lead to a divorce. Unstable mental status or psychological instability, other mental ailments, domestic violence too can be the other causes.


Divorce might often be an easy solution to complex connubial wars that disrupt the normalcy of lives of either spouse. Though it apparently appears to be a panacea to almost all the turmoil of a troubled conjugal life, it often complicates lives further when it comes to minor children and monetary affairs.

Psychological stress management is an essential concern involved in the entire process. The Family Attorney Los Angeles emphasizes on this condition.

To be calm and patient is the first step to a stress free life especially during this episode.

To consult friends and relatives. Speaking to a good friend and seeking his/her help in evaluating things better.

Baring all the details to your Family Lawyer and elaborately explaining the entire matter.

To converse with the children is the most essential part as the kids are likely to get affected the most.

To look towards the future and prepare one to brace an unpredicted life that awaits in the future.

To avoid contemplating over the bygone miseries and the harsh times.

To seek family and friends’ support.

To concentrate on work and children.

To consult a therapist if required.

To meditate, read books and endeavor to keep one jovial.

The use of the Family Lawyer Los Angeles in a perfect way, you may think of getting the best results to come. They would help you better on different stages and that can make the case to work in your way. It really matters a lot when the case gets accepted by the court and you get the chance to file which is really a great thing. Taking the feedbacks into the consideration can make the things to work in a more effective way and that really can make the real difference to happen in the most effective way. With the right choice of the Family Attorney Los Angeles, you really can bring some better results to the case. This can really get the things done in the most effective way which really can get the things on the better side. Get the lawyer to have a better understanding about your case and make the smart ways which really can work on the better side in the most impressive way.

It is really a very interesting fact that this Family Attorney Los Angeles is well-equipped with the fastest way and can give you the better information along with other relevant details.

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Acca Certified Manual J Load Calculation Inputs For A Single-family House

It seems like every single day Savoy Engineering Groups telephone rings with contractors who have just learned that their municipality now requires an ACCA Certified Manual J8 load calculation. These hard-working individuals are intimitaded by the new IECC requirements that are sweeping the US.

After having completed over 3000 Manual J projects that have been submitted to LEED, EnergyStar and numerous permit offices, Savoy Engineering Groups wants to let you, the homeowner, know that the ACCA Certified Manual J process is involved, but should not scare you.

Let us look at what are the required inputs for a Single-Family House when you see cooling equipment must be sized by an ACCA Certified Manual J8 load calculation following ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

Exact Building Orientation must be used instead of worse-case scenerio. Building Orientation can have a large impact on room loads depending on the time of day and season.

Winter/Summer Indoor/Outdoor design temperatures. IECC recommends 72 F heating, 75 F cooling. Outdoor design temperatures are based on ASHRAE weather tables and geographical location.

Sensible Heat Ratio is the sensible/latent split for the total equipment load. Most municipalities use a 70/30 sensible/latent split or 0.70

How tight is your House? For new construction, average or semi-tight is the proper selection. SIP and ICF buildings is tight, while older construction are semi-loose or loose. Does your residence have a fireplace?

How many people and appliances in your home? ASHRAE recommends # of bedrooms + 1. Is your home mechanically vented? ASHRAE recommends not to exceed 0.35 ACH.

Where is your Duct located? Ductwork located outside the thermal envelope will have duct gains and losses. The amount depends on whether its a crawlspace, basement, garage or unconditioned attic. Ductwork located inside the thermal envelope should not have duct gains and losses. Also duct length is important.

Window losses and gains are critical. Do you have single- or double-pane glass? Do you have insect screens, interior shading, overhangs? What about skylights?

Walls, ceiling and floors all have thermal losses and gains. Is your wall masonary or frame? Is your roof flat or sloped? Light or dark shingles? What about walls next to a garage? The roof floor above a garage or basement? Use the exact, relevant materials in calculating the Manual J load analysis.

A good quality set of houseplans begins the ACCA Certified {Manual J8 process. The more accurate the data received by your Manual J8 engineer, the more accurate your HVAC load calculation. Make sure your HVAC Manual J provider is qualified, is using ACCA certified software, isnt over diluted (does ten other things besides Manual J load calculations, has easy to understand pricing and ACCURATE!

Family Is The Most Important Thing In Life

My wife and I have been married for over 3 years. We have one 2 year old precious daughter and we have one more child on the way. I can honestly say that family is the most important thing in life. It is more important than money, than jobs, entertainment, or anything else. It will bring the most fulfillment to your life. Here are the things that I have learned throughout my life to help produce a loving and productive family.

First, make sure that everyone practices love and forgiveness. Life isn’t perfect and neither is marriage and family. There are hard times and people can say some pretty mean things while upset. But what matters is what you do after the hard times have struck. Do you stick it out and work it out? Or whine in pity like a child? You must work through whatever you’re going through and you must practice forgiveness and love amongst your family. This will keep your family together through any hardship.

Next, involve everyone in all that you do. Whether you’re going to a movie, having dinner, going on a trip, or whatever, try to include everyone in the family in the preparation and the implementation of whatever it is you’re doing. Make sure that others feel like they are contributing and they are useful and important.

Another tip is to: DO THINGS! It’s perfectly fine and nice to have family time at home, but occasionally you need to get out of the house. You don’t have to necessarily spend a lot of money either. Sure, you can go on a trip or do one of a thousand things that is expensive. But you can always do things that are cheap or even free! Take a walk around your neighborhood, have a picnic, go walk the mall; the possibilities are practically endless. Families need to spend time together, doing things. This builds strong families. Another thing to do, is the exact opposite of the above. Ensure that your family gets quality individual time. It’s good to be together, in fact it’s great, but it’s also vitally important for people to have their own alone time.

Keep your family healthy by exercising together and by eating healthy foods. Eat plenty of healthy fats, whole grains, and quality protein. Take walks together and spend time out doors. Turn the TV OFF!

READ TO YOUR KIDS!!! Children love reading and you need to spend time reading to them. This will encourage their mental development and make them intelligent individuals. And if you don’t have kids, make sure you and your wife still read as well! Movies and TV are great, but nothing beats sitting back and reading a classic book.

Be spiritual together. Pray together every night and attend church together. Don’t just send your kids to church but take your whole family!

Just make sure you spend time with your family. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, or how many movies you watch; what matters in life is how you have affected the ones you love. Spend time with your family. It helps build a peaceful and productive society.